In the past, when Beijing was conquered...
Many women, including the Empress, were raped
In 2070, Beijing is the capital of the Global Empire,
where Princess Turandot established a radical,
techno-feminist matriarchy...

Concept by Fabio Cherstich and AES+F
Conductor: Johannes Willig
Director: Fabio Cherstich
Set, video and costume design: AES+F
Reverse side. The reflection of someone's eyes

What does the stone see for millennia? What do the forest, rock, and water look at ? In this series, I catch fragments, touch visible points snatched from the General linen.

APXIV-group presents a distributed, free-roaming network of hotspots.

Our trained bio-network of goats-routers, who maintain the herd organisation and line up in certain figures, increase the stability of the connection and the quality of the signal. Smoothly moving, goats provide users with the regular scenery updates and quest-base entertainment.
The interregnum. Lecture for trees

Arbori et orbi - to the tree and the world:

I address the trees and welcome anyone who feels my speech in any way. It sounds from within human concepts that verify themselves by the methods of science. The illusion of their universality was embodied in Voyager's message to another mind — with the unearthly genetics, shapes, and sensuality of non-human bodies. The same ideas have irrevocably separated the tree and the person by belonging to different biological realms and blocked our interaction in the intention itself. Arboreal intelligence and sensuality have been pushed further by science than unearthly civilization — just as man is absent from the cosmos of trees. There is nothing in common between us except the planet.
ALEKSEY VASILYEV employee's dream at lunch in the bushes of Kitay-Gorod. summer. he dreams of sand surfing in the desert. "orzu tosh" in Uzbek

I'm trying to find out who I am. someone presses the buttons and calls for food now, but I need to think, run out of speed and the image of little Muck. I am an Uzbek boy, I can no longer find a conscience. especially here - in the city of three wheels. my close brother is a china town and today the bushes are free here. knee, knee, aaallah ... I see my wavy sand. on the other side it is near another sea, the shores here connect the seas.

The photos show people and places that have been victims of war. The war has already left them, leaving a terrible mark on their body and architecture. The scenery after a theatrical performance is easy to remove, but the scenery of the theater of war can no longer be removed.
Data Bank

The project traces the link of times. For a primitive man who lived first in caves, then in settlements on earth, the house was a symbol of security, a place where you can hide from a predator. The work “Barrage” is about a modern steel concrete security in a small town in Karelia nowadays. People always dream and strives up to heaven. Stonehenge's riddle is just about that. The second work of this project represents the main image of an upward movement – a staircase.

"Svoyasy" is the film-installation. The main character of the film is a disappearing subject that splits into many identical bodies and various events that occur simultaneously, or in some changed time space. With the help of game visual solutions and computer graphics the impossibility of gaining one's own identity is shown. It is obvious that the disintegration of the subject entails total loneliness.

The line of video “Birds” has been heavily inspired by the traditional art of shamans that discovered by reading science articles and books by foreign and Russian ethnologists. For example, works of Eliade Mircha and Mihai Hoppal provided with rich visual material. Hoppal provides deep insight into the world of shamanic symbols, their significance and use in clothing and tambourine drawing (Hoppal 2015). Mircha provided with comprehensive account of how the shaman journey is done and what effect it can have on a person (Eliade 2019).
Aircraft assembled from household items

it's like a dream to escape from the usual, routine circumstances and find yourself in a different place. this is the realization of the moment when sitting on a chair we dream about something. that's the realization of this dream - to assemble a plane from their belongings and seats and send it to the Altai.
| O @

And from the feeling formed in the process of immersion in "Here" and contact with "There" is born the name - | O @. The entire further game of forms is built on the deja vu of the stone age, the transition from the absence of higher spatial structures to a comprehensive primitive plane, but now it is not a set of geometric shapes, but waves of patterns that make sense both literally and on the verge of the perceiver's imagination.
No name

In his works, he studies the elusiveness of a moment, a time point, which is an integral part of a vast whole. Just as the eye cannot focus on the recurring elements of an image, we are not destined to experience the moment in its immediate moment. All images are fleeting, ghostly and barely perceptible, where each object is just a part of a large cosmos, its small content.
Height Inside

"Az God - Height Inside! Verb Soul Her, Life Here Jesus! (And Short) Who Love Mother, Our Father Quiescence, If the Word Firmament! For the Form Christ is Centre of Man, Men is Orb, Now (Hard) У (Soft), This is a U I!" (a play on words associated with the Old Slavonic alphabet)

Alphabet - the basis. In this case, the installations is oriented to the cardinal points, are the center of exposition and partly serves as a sundial and labyrinth.
Not Boring and other drawings

The collaborative project started in 2018 as a manifestation of "meta-infancy", converging discipular replications of found imagery with childlike scribbles and media quotes.

Live portraits of people are embedded in posters-ads on the concrete wall. All the characters are native speakers of different languages and each of them counts down from 10 to 0. As soon as a person reaches zero, the countdown begins again.
This video installation is based on the artist's understanding of the influence of mass media on public consciousness. We live in a time of endless dissemination and absorption of information flow. Information about events taking place in the world, various advertising data, obvious and hidden political propaganda, as well as untrustworthy weather forecasts – all this is part of the environment of any person living in modern society.
The Beautiful Language

The beautiful language is rich in text and images, but it is hard to read. The cut-up technique, popularised in William Burroughs' texts is applied here to the images, with fragments of fraught exchanges appearing in a non-linear fashion. The images are taken from L'enfant sauvage (“The Wild Child”), François Truffaut's 1970 film, based on the true story, from the end of the 18th century, of an “uncivilised” boy being taken in by a doctor and studied as a specimen of difference. The images chosen for The beautiful language show the child being measured, taught and tested.
Open call for nothing

Language is a prison, an instrument of violence, the last foundation of reality. We have renounced all ideals, norms, institutions and concepts, and dismantled humanity itself. And the essence flowed from it in the form of stringy, formless fibers. What is background...what is optics..? The world should recognize its nakedness, poverty, and nothingness. Entropy and evolution are mixed up in the vibrating gel and so on endlessly. A cycle of nuclear waste. A set of particles. We are not gods finally. We are one with stone, fish, cucumber, quasar. Death is a powerful motivational idea. Processes in protons lead to its destruction. And all matter breaks down into its component parts.

6 sculpted rocks dialoguing with the landscape. ROCKS is a group of sculpture to be installed as a landmark in the landscape, a symposium of forms derived from a single primitive egg form. Each Rock alludes o a presence, not referring to a specific historical moment or a particular context, but in the spiritual essence, stylized in the extreme and with an evident human characterization.
Whoever finds the golden root will live two centuries

The Terekta village is located in the Ust-Koksinsky district, on the uymon steppe, which is a key point of unexpected historical intersections. In addition to the fact that Altai is one of the origins of shamanism. Russian old believers were looking the Belovodye, the legendary "land of the true faith". Here, in Terekta, there are mounds that presumably belong to the Afanasiev culture (an archaeological culture of the bronze age).

All these incredible turns of history serve for artists Ani Leonova and Sasha Puchkova fabric with which they weave a fabulous narrative, in which magically can exist all the historical and mythological layers at the same time.
Route One

on the longest day of summer 2016 sigur rós drove the whole way round iceland’s ring road, broadcasting the entire 1332km journey live on youtube. the soundtrack to this “slow tv” adventure was created using generative music software taking the multi-track stems of the sigur rós song ‘óveður’ and endlessly reinventing them to create new and unpredictable musical directions in real time. the very best moments from the 24 hour journey have now been pared down to a single album of great and reflective beauty. 8 tracks.
Greetings from a healthy future

Working on the project "greetings from a healthy future", the totality of all forms of matter in the earth and outer space increases several times, and the definition of the word "World" undergoes metamorphosis with the help of an abstract outgoing letter. The world fragments, but no one comes to replace it, but only new worlds are added to the existing reality. Worlds that are not amenable to scientific and technological progress, but are amenable to your unconscious or conversely meaningful desire to communicate with them. These worlds and reality are transformed in the project into characters who are cute and self-sacrificing, because they are ready to comprehensively fulfill your cherished requests.

We are at the beginning again, we live in an Island Culture of the the Stone Age.
A human being defines one's habitat by a distance that can be covered in one – two days. Thousands years ago this territory was defined by a foot passage of the same duration, by availability of water and the distance to a horizon.
Nowadays we can pass around the world in one day. An ocean, abyss and outer space surround us again. We are once again inside an island culture again that was peculiar to human race before, only at the very beginning, in the Stone Age.
Dappled Horse

What makes us different as a species? Intelligence, but it should be used solely for the benefit of all living things, not just for the preservation of their race. Proto-language - as a release point for subsequent observation of the road that humanity has chosen. Language as such strongly reflects the spirit of the time and is constantly changing, and this distinguishes man from the animal.
Human is the entrails of a cave

We are used to the fact that man controls nature. He changes the surrounding space with one goal-to make it safe and comfortable for yourself. Everything that surrounds us is our extension of our body-repeatedly reinforced with more durable and replaceable materials, and thus improved. If you listen to the poet Konstantin Kedrov, you can see that our home is our body turned out, but not physical, but spiritual.