hotspots distributed free-roaming network (2020)
''We (speculatively) made a network in the Altai mountains where goats, by means of attached routers to their horns, carry out the transfer and distribution of the Internet in remote mountain areas.''

Our project involves a speculative trip to the Altai Mountains, where we plan to make a distributed Internet network using goats that distribute Wi-Fi using routers attached to their horns. Thus, the Internet is distributed to remote mountain regions through a distributed, free-moving trained bio-network of goat translators, which is kept in a herd and lined up in certain shapes, increasing the confidence of reception and signal range. Moving smoothly, the goats allow users to be constantly in touch, broadcast updates of tourist views and enjoy the quest format of recreation.

Thanks to the biological, non-destructively embedded network, wi-fi, just as a mother's milk, spills over the mountains and feeds the vacationers via an autonomous network, which is deployed on the goats' horns. The signal amplifiers are equipped with solar panels, meeting the requirements of sustainable development. Digitalization is painless and safe for an animal.

Property of APXIV. APXIV provides stable transmission signal since December 2016

Support team:
Anastasia Soboleva
Anna Tagantzeva-Kobzeva
Danya Orlovsky
Ilona Vladovskaya
Katya Granova

Communication specialists:
Lika Gomiashvili
Nikita Kaem
Olga Klimovitskaya
Sofia Ovchinnikova
Vladimir Savostin
Ya Nzi