6 sculpted rocks dialoguing with landscape (2020)
''Beyond history and contingencies, there is a horizon that goes beyond definitions, something that cannot be enclosed in a specific definition or project, and this is the essential of what we consider human.'
The symposium in its relationship with the surrounding landscape, represents the fundamental constant unity of the human species, not only the set of historical and biological ways that define it, but above all that which is constant, unchangeable and elusive to any definition.

Appearing in Nature as convivial moment, in an indefinite but recognizable ritual, alludes to that "something" that escapes the sum of the parts and preservers
the meaning of the whole.

ROCKS is a group of sculptures installed as a landmark in the landscape, a symposium of forms derived from a single primitive egg form. Each Rock alludes o a presence, not referring to a specific historical moment or a particular context, but in the spiritual essence, stylized in the extreme and with an evident human
characterization. The group installed in a chosen place in a semicircle, placing the stones simply on the ground, in different positions as in a dialogue between them, without other precautions. The stones maintain the flavor of a natural rock eroded by time, for this reason they has treated as little as possible, not leaving of the raw state. Each rock has a different nature, by color, material, as if it were from different places in the world.