Whoever finds the golden root will live two centuries
A fairy tale-a legend created based on a research of the local context (2020)
''Everything here becomes a game of attention, because the matter of local magic is built on contemplation.''
The village of Terekta is located in the Ust-Koksinsky district, near the Uymon steppe, which is a key point of unexpected historical intersections.
In addition to the fact that Altai is one of the origins of shamanism-a worldview filled with mythical ideas about the relationship of man with the natural forces of
nature (shamanic rituals were practiced in Siberia in the Neolithic era), Russian old believers were looking for Belovodye, the legendary "land of true faith",
not distorted by Patriarch Nikon and his henchmen. Here, in Terekta, there are mounds, presumably related to the Afanasiev culture
(archaeological culture of the bronze age).
All these incredible turns of history serve for artists Ani Leonova and Sasha as a Bundle fabric with which they weave a fairy-tale narrative,
in which all historical and mythological layers can magically exist simultaneously.
Shamanism and old believers still have a verbal character, transmitted through the experience of interaction or co-participation in culture. Collective
ritual actions, living in harmony with nature, and a unique soundscape are the only artifacts available to the observer that can
to serve as proof of the existence of a world hidden from idle view. However, the methods of transmitting such information and their internal hierarchy are not at all
obvious. Everything here becomes a game of attention, because the matter of local magic is built on contemplation. The teaching of these practices is not only
inherited, it is available to everyone who is willing to listen. It is not for nothing that the shaman " Kam " becomes not by kinship, but by being chosen by the spirit of nature, which
can manifest itself in both men and women.
In addition, the personal involvement of artists plays a significant role. Sasha is connected with Altai by a long history of life and growing up, she has repeatedly encountered
what a harsh and mythology-filled region this is. Anya's level of involvement is expressed in oral knowledge transmitted in stories about the Altai. This
kind of audio representation automatically generates images of the place, causing interest in the comparison of the imaginary and the real.

Based on historical facts, namely, the Altai legends, the history of the construction of two Altai hydroelectric power station, which is now not functioning (Aktashskaya hydroelectric power station and Chemal hydroelectric power station), the artists propose to create a 3D Atlas of the Altai magical land, filled with artifacts and tools that can help
the viewer to understand the mechanics of the game and try on the role of shamans and the spirits of Altai saviors of the Earth from various dangers.
We offer to conduct a kind of "stream"on the Terekta land.
The practice of streaming refers to the tradition that has already developed in the gaming environment of contemplating and commenting on the passage of games in the broadcast mode. Here we can observe a similar strategy with the possibility to choose a role: the active role of the player or the passive role of the observer. The gap in this case arises in the realization that what is happening on the screen lies in the plane of the real, even within the framework of the game algorithm.
One of the main points of the project was the game "Someday You'll Return" -a psychological horror journey. The story unfolds on the territory of an abandoned children's camp in the mountains, where the main character has to return to find not only his missing daughter, but also to face traumatic childhood memories. In addition to monsters, ghosts of the past and a tedious search, the main character has to remember a textbook on survival in the mountains, and use improvised means, including a huge set of potions for dizziness, leprosy, and appeal to the unconscious,
to access the otherworldly. This algorithm of interaction with the environment inspired an attempt to transfer the streaming element to the real game of artists.
Anya and Sasha will create a map of points that will become part of the narrative they created. At these points in the narrative, the main turning points occur.
This is also a map of places where you should collect a magic herbarium.