video installation (2014)
''One day we enter a Museum and there is nothing there.
One day we go to a movie, and it's not a movie anymore.
Just someone looking at us.
Those, who are not there, say, " Who is there?»''

"Svoyasy" is a surreal chain of episodes intertwined with each other and coming to a single ending. About meeting and parting, about the closeness between people and the total loneliness of everyone.
"Svoyasy" is an example of the exacerbated metaphysical worldview of artists who came to Russian video art in the tenth's.

"Svoyasy" is the film-installation. Part of the interiors where the action takes place is extremely reminiscent of the halls of modern art museums, and the scene with a look in the mirror refers to the performance of Marina Abramovich.
The main character of the film is a disappearing subject that splits into many identical bodies and various events that occur simultaneously, or in some changed time space. With the help of game visual solutions and computer graphics the impossibility of gaining one's own identity is shown. It is obvious that the disintegration of the subject entails total loneliness.
At the end of the film, the hero finds himself on the bank of the night, black and mirror river, where a small fire is burning (at the beginning of the story, we saw the hero sitting on a chair in an empty white room, and this fire was inside him, where the heart is). It is a symbol of an impossible sensuous life, brought out. The camera moves away, and we see a lot of equally lonely lost humans of various ages and species lined up along the river. Each at his own fire.

The film is accompanied by music written and performed
by Vladimir Martynov .

Sasha Povzner, Maria Smolnikova.