| O @
Paper, markers (2013)
''Immersion in the "zero" space of the Altai mountains, the feeling of the death of civilization. In what language and with whom I speak now?''
And from the feeling formed in the process of immersion in "Here" and contact with "There" is born the name - | O @. The entire further game of forms is built on the deja vu of the stone age, the transition from the absence of higher spatial structures to a comprehensive primitive plane, but now it is not a set of geometric shapes, but waves of patterns that make sense both literally and on the verge of the perceiver's imagination.

At first, when you look at these forms, you are struck by their abstractness - there are no objects in them, but only operators. Only the Basic symbols of the universe-a line, a circle, a spiral endlessly repeated on the principle of filling the void and dividing. These forms Express the pre-object dynamic state of pure creativity of the world out of nothing and simultaneously the entire real world as such, where the balance of destructive and creative energies is manifested in a multiplicity of intersections and through chiaroscuro, which occurs when viewed from different angles of view. In this process, the threefold form of being and thinking is established.