Data Bank
Video installation (2020)
''Art is a data bank that remains for descendants to study the past and connects generations.''
21st century. People have created and achieved a lot of things, scientific progress makes our life faster, more comfortable and affordable. But man remains a man and carries through the centuries the basic interests and concepts. Both primitive man and modern man value the house, strive for self-preservation, they are interested in the sky and unidentified things, they make art. Caves with traces of the presence of a primitive person are unique in the bearing information about ancient communities, being in some way a"data bank".

The project traces the link of times. For a primitive man who lived first in caves, then in settlements on earth, the house was a symbol of security, a place where you can hide from a predator. The work"Barrage" is also about a modern steel concrete security in a small town in Karelia nowadays. It is very hard to dream big with such few possibilities. Still there is its own charm of a cozy neighbourhood that has its own beauty.

People always dream and strives up to heaven. Stonehenge's riddle is just about that. The second work of this project represents the main image of an upward movement – a staircase. Connecting Earth and Sky in Christianity, the staircase in modern society is an ordinary part of the everyday landscape. For example, an iron fire escape with clothes hanging up to dry.

Perhaps the tools of the visual language have changed from wall paintings to the most modern phototechnologies, but art develops and preserves timeless themes. Art is a data bank that remains for descendants to study the past and connects generations.