Photo series (2019)
''The territory where the war is going on is usually called the " theater of military
Theater is an art form, a stage performance of dramatic works performed by actors in front of the audience. War is the most popular and influential topic in the modern media, which is aimed at finding more and more dramatic
images. These images have become the norm in a culture where shock is the
leading driver of consumption. Regular news from hot
spots, mixed with trendy music videos, movies and advertising, distort and distort the viewer's view of the world.
the truth and other people's suffering, distancing him from what is happening, acting as a kind of barrier between the world and chaos.
The photos show people and places that were victims of
military operations. The war has already left them, leaving behind
horrific marks on their body and architecture. It is easy to remove the scenery after a theatrical performance, but it is no longer possible to remove the scenery of the theater of war.