Greetings from a healthy future
Oil, canvas 120 x 336 cm (2020)
''Leave logic and meaning behind the borders of this world, now contemplate and learn, discover new opportunities in yourself.''
Working on the project "greetings from a healthy future", the totality of all forms of matter in the earth and outer space increases several times, and the definition of the word" World " undergoes metamorphosis with the help of an abstract outgoing letter. The world fragments, but no one comes to replace it, but only new worlds are added to the existing reality. Worlds that are not amenable to scientific and technological progress, but are amenable to your unconscious or conversely meaningful desire to communicate with them. These worlds and reality are transformed in my work into characters who are empathic and selfless, because they are ready to comprehensively fulfill your cherished requests. Characters become so-called patrons for all those who apply, and the search for their polysyllabic relationship becomes another conditional plot of the work.
This work is the result of the sublimation that occurred during the quarantine and tells about a healthy future, which now seems to be just another work by Robert Anson Heinlein.